Better than work

There are better things than work.

When you realise this it’s profound.

Not just, ‘Oh yeah, better than work’.

Genuinely realise it in the deepest part of you.

That work is optional.

We have options.

You could test it.

Stop working for a minute.

See what happens.

Does the sky fall down?

Or did you look up for the first time today?

Does your heart stop?

Or did it start beating with a little more hope?

Maybe try stopping for an hour.

Test it again.

What does an hour of not work feel like?

Keep testing.

Stop for a day.

Stop for a week.

Stop for a year?

Really stop.

Not ‘I’ll just check e-mails’ stopping.

Of course it’s a balance.

We work to exchange value.

Our society functions that way.

Our organisations make us that way.

But we get lost in it.

There are no checks and balances.

Society doesn’t provide those.

We have to put those in ourselves.

And we don’t.


When did you last do nothing?

Not just not work.


Just you.

Just existing.

If you can’t remember you are locked in.

First step towards getting unlocked.

Is to recognise.

That there are better things than work.

And you already have them.

Working on your life and not just in it is a skill in itself and doesn’t come naturally for most of us. We are trained to within an inch of our lives to be efficient and maximise our productivity. It’s helpful now and again to check that what you are producing is serving you and your life. Great work happens within a great life.

Do you feel locked in?