Big is beautiful

What are our biggest problems?

The kind of big problems that are too big to see.

Because they are everything at once.

Maybe you can’t see them.

How would you know if you can’t?

Whatever they are, they are likely complex.

With lots in interconnecting parts.

That all need our attention.

At the same time.

The problems are the parts.

The relationship between them.

How best to tackle them.

What needs doing first.

Who should be doing what.

What you alone should do.

How much of yourself you should give.

You can sort any of them.

But sorting all of them is hard.

When starting a new organisation.

Or transforming an existing one.

Focussing on a single problem is fine.

If you are a smaller cog in the machine.

If you are building the machine that won’t work.

Your job is to see the big problems.

The biggest problem.

The kind of big problem that is too big to see.

To do that you need to step outside.

It gets really interesting when we start to look with different eyes and a different mind. Seeing the big opportunities in our situation rather than the big problems. Stepping outside on your own can be difficult. Lonely even. It can be a lot easier with someone else helping.

What does stepping outside mean to you?