Brand identity development for an experienced healthcare consultant based in Lancashire

Project type: Brand identity development

Client: STJ Healthcare Consultancy is a healthcare consultancy

Dates: November 2018

Services provided: Brand identity development


‘When setting up my new enterprise I knew exactly who to turn to in helping me create a business identity for my new healthcare consultancy. Gavin at DOSE is very talented and crucially, experienced in the healthcare sector, so very easy to bounce ideas off. I am more than happy with the results of our work. Thanks Gavin.’

Steve Jeffers, Director, STJ Healthcare Consultancy

Steve at STH Healthcare Consultancy got in touch and briefed us on his new enterprise. He was clear about the need for a brand identity that reflected his vision and communicated the authoritative nature of the brand. With decades in healthcare both at the point of care and a wide range of leadership roles, Steve has an unmatched experience from which to draw when providing his consulting services. This is a brand that is proven, experienced and professional.

With a target market including significant operators in healthcare, healthcare development and healthcare finance the brand identity needed to smart enough to hold it’s own in the minds of people in such organisations. A colour palette with a range of blues was used to align with corporate customers and communicate authority while a circle pattern was developed to highlight the interconnectedness of all aspects of healthcare.

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