Client: Remedi Health is a provider of private healthcare tests in Winchester.

Services provided: Naming, visual identity, verbal identity.


‘The deadlines for the brief were tight. Come up with a new brand identity in 48 hours, design an identity and be website ready for launch within a couple of weeks. As I have come to expect (and rely on), DOSE responded. I am delighted with the brand and more so, have the confidence in the process to know that we have a great identity which we can build on. Thank you Gavin.’

Deborah Evans, Owner, Remedi Health

Deborah contacted us with a pioneering concept for a new business that would meet an acute need in the immediate term and develop to explore the potential for private healthcare from a community setting.

Exploration of an appropriate name, building on the client’s thoughts, through a robust process resulted in selection of a name that can adapt as the business grows.

A short timescale required a bold approach and collaborating closely with the client we developed a visual identity based in depth discussions about strategy, target market and preferences. Mater artium necessitas and in this case creativity flowed and we arrived at a satisfactory identity.

The visual identity was then applied to a range of materials including a website (through collaboration with a nice chap at a local web development company), business cards, signage, promotional materials and administrative forms for use during clinics.

The Remedi concept is now being developed into a unique and exciting environment providing cutting edge community based healthcare.

Visit the Remedi Health website