Broadway Pharmacy with Cure Clinics

Client: Broadway Pharmacy with Cure Clinics is a groundbreaking community healthcare provider caring for the people of Lancashire.

Services provided: Full transformation partnership – Vision co-development, ambition sharing, goal setting, market research, team research, insight, mentoring, coaching, team development, team coaching, IT infrastructure, patient offering, service offering and pipeline, strategy, brand creation and management, visual identity, verbal identity, sonic identity, project co-ordination, contractor tendering and relations, website design and development, website content writing, social media platform rationalisation, social media planning, content and implementation, video planning, content, art direction and graphics, GPhC premises registration, interior layout and design consultancy, printed collateral design and writing, business continuity during building works, ongoing strategic and tactical involvement. This was a real partnership in the best way possible. There was likely more than we have listed that is now lost to time.

Impact: A whole raft of development activity wrapped up in a multi-year transformation project and stellar performance by the in pharmacy team has seen phenomenal growth of around 42% in 2 years. Not kidding. You can take a look yourself.


‘DOSE understands how to take something from being a ‘lightbulb moment’ into reality. DOSE has the experience, expertise and network to critically appraise and feedback on the potential of said opportunity. They then know how to further interrogate that to gather sufficient evidence to justify progressing mobilisation and implementation, through detailed and solid infrastructure development. DOSE is equally capable at idea generation and invention with and\or for its clients. Working with DOSE provides the most exciting and positive environment to harness these types of behaviours in entrepreneurs.The problem with DOSE, is it’s addictive and you always want more. A relationship with DOSE is so inspiring and creative, and they become part of your team. DOSE is so capable of a multitude of things, as a client you need to develop your understanding of how best to deploy the crazy skills of the DOSE team, so that it feeds the right creativeness of your business development.

Michael Ball, Owner, Broadway Pharmacy with Cure Clinics

When the time came for Michael Ball to unleash his vision for Broadway Pharmacy in 2019 we connected and having worked together on projects before and sharing an aspiration for the future of pharmacy we set to work on a monumental transformation of what was already a leading pharmacy nationally into one that is pushing boundaries even further.

During the back end of 2019 we shared and co-authored a vision for the future of healthcare in the community built on the advantages provided by a community pharmacy and developed an ambitious plan to implement in 2020. Transforming a leading and busy pharmacy while it remains fully operational can be challenging. Doing it during a global pandemic even more so. We adapted, a strong team was pulled around us and we continued. The pharmacy team themselves are genuinely amazing and have very strong leadership, sticking together through thick and thin. A full, structural works to sure up the building, refit while operating from a portable cabin during the snow of Winter 2020/21 was certainly the thin but the relaunch across physical and digital of a pioneering future for healthcare in a community setting led by inspirational pharmacists was the thick.

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