DOSE Design and Marketing Brochure Mente Employee Wellbeing

Client editable brochure design for a mental health and employee wellbeing organisation in Preston

Project type: Editable brochure design

Client: Mente Employee Wellbeing is a UK based mental health & employee wellbeing organisation developed to assist businesses in implementing mental health risk management processes into the workplace to sit with existing HR policies.

Dates: October 2017

Services provided: Editable document design, image curation, copy editing.


‘As a startup business bombarded by organisations offering their services, it was important that whoever I worked with understood me and my business. Providing guidance sheets on sensitive subjects such as mental illness and trauma is why I did not want to get this wrong. It is not just the content you provide but also the layout, imagery used and how each person from a very different background will view the documents.

Gavin took the time to get to know me, understand what Mente was about and did not rush me. The result was a wonderful job completed in a timely manner. From initial introduction I have only ever known Gavin as approachable, professional, knowledgeable and a great communicator. For non-creatives like me who rely heavily on external partners, I am really looking forward to working with Dose on all our future projects.’

Melanie Joseph, Managing Director and Founder, Mente Employee Wellbeing

Mente Employee Wellbeing got in touch for help with a suite of new client facing, informational brochures which were intended to provide important but complex information relevant to all employers in a format that was easy to understand. A range of materials were being produced by competitor and representative organisations and Mente felt they could do better and support clients more effectively with their own materials.

Working closely with the team we edited their original copy and created layouts that reflected the existing visual identity while updating and refreshing the look and feel. Careful curation of images was required to set the right tone for this kind of document and to communicate the brand position. Including a full list of references was a decision taken together to demonstrate the academic rigour of the document and reassure clients of Mente’s evidence based approach.

Visit the Mente Employee Wellbeing website

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