Course corrections

If we can’t course correct how could we help others do it?

I work with some great people.

Real stars.

Leading lights.

Who set the sky on fire.

But none of us get everything right.

We are all fallible.

Despite that.

These humans who are set alight.

Do have a tendency.

To absorb others.

It is part of what makes them amazing.

They are inspiring.


Which can be a challenge.

If one is on ones own path.

At times I need to work hard.

To resist absorption.

Exciting, inspiring people.

Want more of me.

Than I can give.

So when I notice it happening.

I have to adapt.

I have to correct my course.

Not to disconnect but to reconnect.

In a way that helps them.

And allows me to remain.

On my path.

It can be hard.

Theirs paths are often frickin’ awesome.

And anyone in their right mind.

Would want to join in.

But their paths aren’t my path.

I’ll walk with them as they go.

Support, encourage, challenge.

Co-navigate where they are heading.

But remain on my path.

If I got lost easily.

And wasn’t able to course correct.

I wouldn’t be able to help others.

When navigating their worlds.

Knowing where we are is hard. Knowing who we are is difficult. Knowing where we might go from here can be very tough. The beautiful complexity of our lives is at once wonderful and daunting. So often it can feel like we are walking alone. Especially as leaders. Speaking to people who are a part of our lives is essential while at the same time involves them and usually limits what we can share in some way. Working with someone closely who has distance can be a revelation.