DOSE Design and Marketing Robotik Technology UK Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy

Digital marketing campaign strategy for a ground breaking pharmacy automation solution provider based in Warrington

Project type: Digital marketing campaign strategy

Client: Robotik UK is a pharmacy automation solution provider

Dates: June and July 2017

Services provided: Marketing review, segmentation, positioning, campaign structure, campaign messaging, content strategy, integrated marketing communications plan.


We engaged Dose Design as they offer a unique insight into Marketing and Pharmacy. I was not disappointed as Gavin offered a vision into how we could simplify and improve our offer in clear language. We have now in-sourced Dose Design services and they are our trusted partner.

Andy Beesley, Managing Director, Robotik Technology UK

Having known the team at Robotik Technology UK for some time we were very excited when they approached us to work with them on their marketing strategy and campaign planning. The team had a specific goal in mind and after discussing this in detail we built our services to help meet that goal in the timescales they wanted to achieve. As the first part of a larger project, the marketing campaign strategy was critical to ensure future work was underpinned by considered decisions and guided by sound principles.

Following the definition of clear goals a wide range of strategic considerations were taken and the results were developed to create a simple overview of the campaign itself. A raft of practical actions were combined to produce an integrated marketing communications plan to facilitate delivery.

Key campaign messages were developed to communicate with the target market and position the brand alongside a content strategy and guidance to ensure the right focus for the campaign.

DOSE have been commissioned to work closely with Robotik Technology UK to implement the campaign over the coming months and look forward to helping the company grow.

Visit the Robotik Technology UK website

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