Direction first. Then progress.

I was speaking with a friend recently.

A chat with no purpose.

Other than sharing experiences.

Exchanging stories.

When one of the stories,

turned to the future.

What next came up.

As it often does.

It so often does.

That it is a humdinger.

Of a question.

When a fair way along.

The path of life.

With some success behind.

And more unknowns ahead.

How to continue?

The same way?

Something new?

Repeat again.

Fine if fulfilling.

But so often it’s not.

Not anymore.

So repeat isn’t enough.

But what next?

We’ve succeeded once.

Material needs met.

Non-material needs not so much.

Forgot about those.

Didn’t know about those.

No one mentioned those.

So we talked our way through.

And the answer was inbetween us.

Arrived at as we thought together.

About trying new views.

Before committing to moving.

About facing into the sun.

Then taking a step.

And seeing where it leads.

We all reach points in our lives when direction seems hard to find. I have a number of times now. We often worry. Panic even. Which is natural but not always helpful. It can help to lose direction. It’s a sign and an invitation. To turn around until you feel like you are facing towards something good. It might take a moment, an hour, a day, a week or a few years. But we sometimes have to go of course to know what course we should be on. Off course is information. Off course is the way back on course. So don’t worry or panic about losing direction. See it as information and the beginning of getting back on course.

Are you facing the right way?