DOSE Design and Marketing Scientia Skills Website

E-commerce website design and development for a pharmacy training provider seeking growth

Project type:  Premium website design and development with ongoing supoort

Client:  Scientia Skills is a dyanamic, friendly, pharmacy training provider

Services provided: Brand positioning, strategy implementation design, website design, image curation and processing, copywriting, website development, social integration, training.


‘After a successful marketing strategy project Gavin at DOSE designed and developed a new website that communicates our brand position and product offer clearly, while enabling customers to purchase training programmes online in an instant. We are excited to see the impact of the site as part of our wider strategy.

Rachel Marchant, Managing Director, Scientia Skills

After working with Scientia Skills to develop a marketing strategy and plan the task was set to implement the strategy. A new website with the capability for online sales was a key element of that strategy and we were briefed with the aim of designing and developing a site to deliver the goal.

Using the existing visual identity a modern, responsive e-commerce website was designed that told the Scientia Skills story clearly, in the brand voice and communicated key information to convert visitors into customers. Target segments were considered and content was written to appeal directly to anticipated users. Specific content was produced to describe a new product offering designed to appeal to an attractive target segment.

A smooth e-commerce interface was developed to provide essential online purchasing enabling the company to remove barriers to purchase. The user experience was optimised to ensure an simple, enjoyable visit to the site further defining the brand position.

DOSE Design and Marketing Scientia Skills Home Page

A range of features were built into the site:

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