Future Pharmacist writing competiton

The Pharmaceutical Journal’s Future Pharmacist writing competition 2018 saw over 30 entries striving to describe what the future may have in store for the pharmacy profession, the people who work in and alongside it and the people who receive pharmaceutical care.

Writing is important. It is one of the primary ways in which we communicate and hopefully it will stay that way for a long time to come. It is literally astounding how our languages have developed to enable us to share the most nuanced of our thoughts and ideas with each other. In the hands of talented writers words can break down the physical barriers between minds and connect us. With this kind of power it is important to try and do justice to words themselves and use them to share important ideas and describe important events.

Enter stage left the Future Pharmacist writing competition 2018.

Future Pharmacist Pharmaceutical Journal

Suffice to say that I had to attempt to write a vision of the future myself and I’m proud to say that the piece received a special mention and is on the Pharmaceutical Journal website. Note that I used the phrase ‘a vision’ rather than ‘the vision’. When looking into the far distance and forecasting the future it is wise accept that at best your particular view will be limited. I am pretty sure of one thing however, unless we take some action, beginning as soon as possible, to define, demonstrate and communicate the value of the pharmacy profession more effectively any one of the dystopian entries into this writing competition may well come true! Needless to say the entry I wrote is deliberatley closer to a utopian future for the profession and imagines that we’ve got our act together and done what needs to be done. Perhaps in my vision we’ve all read the Pharmacy Marketing Formulary and put our shoulders behind a co-ordinated approach to marketing the whole profession. Just a thought.

Here is our entry. Click on the title to take a trip over to the Pharmaceutical Journal.

A Pharmacist Calls - Gavin Birchall DOSE Publishing

A Pharmacist Calls | Gavin Birchall

All of the pieces showcased on the PJ website are really good and interesting in their own right. Here are the top three.

2039: Pharmacy after the fall | Mark Borthwick

Pouring a stiff drink for the last pharmacist | Stuart Anderson

Medicines at the touch of a button | Parastou Donyai and James Hall

If you want to be a future pharmacist and you are a budding writer take a look at our submissions page see if you have a book in you. If you’d like to stay in touch and receive the odd update you can subscribe here. Looking forward to hearing from you.