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Logotype set design for a rapidly growing pharmacy group in the North of England

Project type: Logotype set design

Client: the Hub pharmacy is a group of 20 community pharmacies in the North of England

Services provided: Logotype set design


‘DOSE have developed a high quality bespoke set of logotypes to enhance the internal branding of vital employee engagement work-streams within our company. The overall effect of the four logos is excellent and exactly what we needed.’

Steve Jeffers, Chief Executive Officer, the Hub pharmacy

Our ongoing relationship with one of our first clients, the Hub pharmacy, continues with this suite of logotypes developed to identify internal facing workstreams. After an initial brief about the different workstreams and gaining an understanding of their intended audience we started work on creating a unified suite of logotypes based on the typography of the main corporate logotype.

DOSE Design and Marketing the Hub pharmacy corporate logotype

the hub pharmacy corporate logotype

Clear differentiation was important while also communicating a sense of a suite of logotypes indicating that the workstreams they represent are all linked functionally. Using the brand colour palette in full alongside the chevron graphic device enabled selection of shapes to represent an important idea behind each workstream.

the hub pharmacy logotype set

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