verb (manɪfɛst)

To bring into being that which was before insubstantial

Making things real

When people have a bit of a handle on what they want to do with their days things get real. Often directions turn to strategies, turn to plans, turn to actions turn to well, getting things done. Manifest is how we help people move from where they are towards where they aim to be. An overarching framework of five steps is loosely held and adapted to each partnership over a period spanning months or even years. All while remembering that whenever humans organise ourselves, we are almost always aiming to solve a problem somewhere for someone or something. That’s it. Let’s not make it more complicated or get lost in the machine.
Manifest brings your ideas into being. Fully into being. We don’t do things by half so we work closely with people who have got what it takes. Whether it is a new venture or transforming something that exists already we often co-develop the vision. Then we work in partnership, side by side covering a lot of ground from research, strategy, brand, platform, product to team, systems and processes. Not a light touch way of working but a great way of working. We lash our boat to yours and we navigate the waters together.
If it’s creation then it happens once and it’s best to make it as good as possible.
If it’s transformation then it happens every five to ten years depending how fast your sector moves.
It can be a little difficult to comprehend the scale and scope of MANIFEST. It is always bespoke to you while it has frameworks to help. One way we have of describing it is that DOSE are like the producers of your album. We have the skills, experience and know how to bring your vision fully to life. But it is your vision and your life. We are there to guide, structure, encourage and in some areas get stuck in ourselves but we don’t operate your organisation for you. That pleasure is yours. We help you create and transform. The day to day is your domain.
What would you like to see in the world?

Manifest often involves some of the following:

  • Vision
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Brand
  • Platform
  • Enviroment
  • Awareness
  • Product
  • Systems
  • Processes
  • Team
  • Launch
We occasionally work on standalone projects that relate to one specific area or a cluster or areas where we can’t resist what you are doing and are compelled by who you are. This might include brand strategy and identity, interior concept design, book design etc.




The ABBEY PHARMACY is one of the oldest community pharmacy’s in the country and is transforming into a community healthcare provider of the future.
Services provided
A full and ongoing transformation partnership. We are overjoyed to remain working with the great team at The ABBEY PHARMACY.

Whickham Pharmacy

Whickham Pharmacy, close to Newcastle, is a forward thinking pharmacy that has ambitious plans for the provision of pharmaceutical healthcare in the community.
Services provided
Team research, insight, mentoring, coaching, team development, team coaching, brand creation, visual identity, verbal identity, project co-ordination, contractor tendering and relations, art direction and environmental graphics, interior layout and design consultancy, marketing collateral design and writing, ongoing strategic and tactical involvement.


In brief, some of our other work around making things real.

Lancashire Vaccination Centre

Co-creation project with Broadway Pharmacy with Cure Clinics beginning with the first community pharmacy led mass vaccination centre ever (really) prior to the Covid-19 vaccination programme to deliver flu vaccinations to existing patients. Expanded to become the largest Covid-19 vaccination provider in the North West of England with multiple sites. Recently awarded the Pertussis vaccination programme across 40+ maternity wards in the North West. No messing about. The LVC team are epic.

Dears Pharmacy

We’ve been working closely with our Scottish champions since 2016 and have supported their digital presence, marketing and branding with multiple evolutions. In 2022 we rationalised their brand architecture and re-invented their digital presence across six properties while they continue to grow to over 20 pharmacies across central Scotland.

World Pharmacy Council

Design of the 2022 report: Vaccination services in community pharmacy and writing and designing the associated development guide for the seven member nations across the globe and distribution to other countries via Pfizer. Pleased that community pharmacists around the world might believe in themselves a little more and have just enough confidence to make community pharmacy vaccinations services real where they are.

Dentistry by Cure Clinics

Continuing our long term collaboration with the team behind Broadway Pharmacy and Lancashire Vaccination Centre we worked on the conception and development of a premium private dental practice and how that best fits into the top level brand architecture.


Design of static and web based Annual reports for 19/20, 20/21 and 21/22 along with naming and design of the Review Steering Group Proposal Document: Setting the direction for pharmacy representation in 2022. Not bad.


Design of training materials for new product launches including Lovima and Aquiette for this POM to P switch specialist pharmaceutical supplier. Maxwellia entered the teams work for Lovima in the OTC Marketing Awards and were shortlisted in the Best OTC Pharmacy Training and Learning category. 

*If you have read much Terry Pratchett this will make sense. If not worry not.