DOSE Design and Marketing Pharmacy Complete HLP Countdown Campaign

An integrated digital marketing campaign for a leading pharmacy training provider and consultancy

Project type: Campaign

Client: Pharmacy Complete is a pharmacy training provider and consultancy

Services provided: Campaign planning, structure, messaging, graphics, copywriting, direct mail design, content design and file processing, web design and development and metrics


‘We rely on GavinAtDOSE for his wise counsel on our marketing activity and his quick response and flexibility to our ambitious deadlines. Gavin is part of our team and we could not have built our highly successful HLP Countdown campaign without him and DOSE Design.’

Deborah Evans, Managing Director, Pharmacy Complete

Building on our long term partnership with Pharmacy Complete we were briefed with helping the team develop a campaign that raised awareness of and provided resources to help pharmacists secure a Healthy Living Pharmacy payment as part of the Quality Payment Scheme. Timelines were tight both for pharmacists to prepare to claim and for delivery of the campaign but we couldn’t help but throw ourselves into such an exciting campaign.

Following discussions around the goal of the campaign we outlined a campaign structure and marketing mix that we felt would reach the target market based on our previous strategic work with Pharmacy Complete. We worked with the internal team to define the initial campaign messaging and created a Countdown inspired graphical language to help campaign communications stand out in a cluttered world. A campaign timeline document was created to provide an overview for keen pharmacists and to demonstrate the urgency with which they needed to act.

Each week a new graphic was developed based on the main message on the timeline. Alongside that, the Pharmacy Complete team did a sterling job of producing a short instructional video each week that captured the main actions and encouraged pharmacists to become accredited so that they could claim their payment.

A combination of targeted direct mail with embedded video, social media activity (managed by the PC team), a new, bespoke page on the website that grew as the campaign developed and customer data capture resulted in a very successful campaign with thousands of people engaging with the campaign, hundreds of video views and a doubling of online shop activity.

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