Having benefited hugely from a recent course from Marketing Week, led by Professor Mark Ritson, we thought we’d share it with you. You may like to check it out. It would be wise.

Everyone has something to learn and if a person tells you they don’t, run a mile. We recently enjoyed learning from one of the world’s most renowned marketing professors (his commentary on all things marketing is not for the faint hearted) who has teamed up with Marketing Week to deliver ‘a CPD accredited course that has been designed to mirror the MBA core marketing course offered at the world’s leading business schools’ (their words).

It was hard work over eight weeks on top of looking after our lovely clients but it was worth it. Cut away all of the fluff of modern marketing, get to the core of what really matters and the process of delivering it (our words).

Covering Market orientation, Market Research, Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, Marketing Strategy, Product Development, Distribution, Pricing, Integrated Marketing Communications and Brand, every module was far more interesting than it had any right to be.

It was even enjoyable!*

Being part of the first ever class the course is sure to mature and become even better. With alumni from Coca Cola, Red Bull, Comic Relief, American Express, ITV, McDonald’s, Barclaycard, Aviva and Shell, we were in good company in the global class of 400+. They are probably running the course again. You can check here if you like.

In case you are wondering we got an A in the assessment. As you would expect.

*We are in no way affiliated with Marketing Week or Professor Mark Ritson and received no payment to write this post.

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