noun (parədʌɪm)


Who do you want to be?

Many clients approach us with a question something like this: ‘What should I do now?’ With very few exceptions, in helping them find their way forward, we take a step backward. We help them explore a different question first: ‘Who do you want to be?’ Paradigm brings together small groups of like minded people over a period of a few months to get some clarity and direction. We investigate work things from a human perspective and human things from a work perspective. Then oddly enough, that original question doesn’t seem so tricky anymore.

Paradigm isn’t something we created. Our clients created it during longer transformation projects. With the questions they were asking and the directions our discussions were taking. The trust and familiarity developed during those times and the kinds of relationships that were forming enabled deeper conversations. That recognised the presence of other questions, other considerations that appear when doing what we think of as professional work. It becomes clear that separating our work from our lives isn’t helpful. Acting in one area without considering the rest of our existence isn’t helpful either.

Paradigm is for leaders and entrepreneurs, creatives and disruptors, believers and  seekers, who want to reconnect with their humanity. So that they can return to their lives a little more themselves and do it better. Live better, more whole and more connected. 

It’s about working on life not just in it.

It is about asking ourselves fundamental questions. Getting to some richer, more fulfilling ways of seeing how we turn up in our lives and in our work. It isn’t a course, or a programme, or a retreat. It isn’t a set thing at all. An outline framework guides a group of people through an exploration of how they might live well with work as part of their life rather than as a separate thing. How that work might become more satisfying for themselves and others and how the way they look at the world in the first place has profound effects on how they experience life.
Paradigm is an opportunity to step to one side for a short while. To watch what is happening rather than be in it. To share how that looks and feels with yourself and a few others. To feel safe in comfortable, non-competitive environments, to be a little vulnerable as necessary and connect with others with similar interests.
Guided by the DOSE team each Paradigm experience is intentionally different. That much is sure. There is no curriculum. We work with a framework that looks at creating and transforming organisations, business, what that is like for the people doing it and designing lives that have meaning. Paradigm is about seeing what emerges rather than controlling the outcome. We share a direction without the expectation of arriving at a pre-defined place. We go together. We return a little more ourselves. When we are ourselves what we might do in the world becomes clearer.

Don’t imagine that this is without effort. It’s enjoyable but it’s not just about enjoyment. It’s freeing but it’s not free time. Not working on something can often allow just what is required for what is  inside you to rise up. What that is will be unique to you. You may leave with clear actions in your mind or no concrete outcomes at all.

Now this is either for you or it isn’t. No apologies for that. If you are ready you are ready. The people involved are Paradigm. We prepare and hold the space, you show up ready to get involved and you see what happens.

Paradigm is for those who are striving and reaching and getting somewhere yet realising that there is still something they can’t quite see that is missing. For those on the brink of realising that experiencing a fulfilling life might not be quite what they thought it was.

All we do is spend time together on the brink.

Are you ready?

Paradigm often involves some OR ALL of the following:

  • Three two hour online sessions, two before the event and one after
  • A three day residential event where the road comes to an end
  • Great food, natural surroundings, comfy beds, unexpected delights
  • Plenty of space and time to let it all sink in and well up
  • A dozen or so people of like mind and spirit
  • A one hour one to one session with a DOSE guide after the event

Spring 2023

  • Online sessions involve seats for 6 people only
  • Two online groups mean places for 12 in Spring 2023
  • First online session – week commencing 15th May 2023
  • Event involves seats for 12 people only
  • Event – Thursday 1st June PM arrival to Sunday 4th June AM departure
  • Second online session – week commencing 12th June 2023
  • One to ones – weeks commencing 5th June and 12th June 2023


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‘Working with DOSE provides the most exciting and positive environment to harness expansive behaviours in entrepreneurs.The problem with DOSE, is it’s addictive and you always want more. A relationship with DOSE is so inspiring and creative. They become part of your team.’

M. Ball, MD, Broadway Pharmacy with Cure Clinics