Digital marketing campaign – Robotik Technology UK

‘The campaign was a critical part of our growth strategy and we partnered with DOSE as we were confident about their background and relevant experience. Despite tough deadlines and a demanding client, DOSE continued to surprise us with high quality, innovative and on time deliverables which are now part of the foundation that our success is built upon.’

Andy Beesley, Managing Director, Robotik Technology UK

Digital marketing campaign strategy – Robotik Technology UK

‘We engaged DOSE Design as they offer a unique insight into Marketing and Pharmacy. I was not disappointed as Gavin offered a vision into how we could simplify and improve our offer in clear language. We have now in-sourced Dose Design services and they are our trusted partner.’

Andy Beesley, Managing Director, Robotik Technology UK

Marketing planning – Dears Pharmacy

‘Having had the pleasure of developing our new website with the assistance of DOSE, we were delighted to work with Gavin to develop our approach to communicating and engaging with our current and future customers. He took the time to meet, listen and formulate a joint plan that was tailored to our deliverables and our initial budget. Throughout the process time was taken to check on our needs and since completing the plan we have been working closely to bring it to life. I would highly recommend Gavin to partner with on developing your marketing strategy to take it to the next level. ’

Mahyar Nickkho-Amiry, General Manager, Dears Pharmacy

Marketing strategy and campaign day – Pharmacy Complete

‘Gavin from DOSE Design provided a very structured, well-planned and executed marketing strategy and planning day. We have come away more focused and with valuable insights about our business, customers and unique offer; we could not have achieved this on our own. This has been a very worthwhile investment of time and resources, looking on our business rather than being in the detailed operation of our business. We would highly recommend.’

Deborah Evans, Managing Director, Pharmacy Complete

Marketing strategy – Scientia Skills

‘Through a robust and clear process, Gavin at Dose Design has provided some exciting insights into how we can improve our offer to customers. The process has been incredibly smooth and we look forward to embracing the changes and watching the business grow.’

Rachel Marchant, Managing Director, Scientia Skills