verb (səˈsteɪn)

To continue in a way that allows you to continue indefinitely


Everything is change so while those big moments of transition come around now and again there are periods of slower, almost imperceptible change in-between. In some ways these moments are when we are a little vulnerable. Being static in a changing world lasts only so long right? Sustain is how we help you do all of those things mainstream thinking suggests; be efficient, be effective, work the machine, turn the handle. We’ll help you to keep an eye on the small changes and the big. To know your space and feel your way. We’ll challenge you to adopt values that empower your organisation with new purpose; regeneration, diversity and sufficiency.

Operations and ecosystems
We work with you in two areas to help you build a plan and be ready to implement.
Operations because organisations exist to do things. The things they do are done by people, amidst collaborative systems using resources. They are most often cyclic so we can get better the second, third or fourth time we do things and so on. We all like our organisations to be efficient and effective. We also need enough slack to allow humans and machines to work happily together and to create space for innovation.

Ecosystems because organisations exist within them. The things they do draw on those ecosystems, rely on them and impact on them. We’d like our organisations to remain and sustain us in the future. To do that we need to align them now with the ecosystems they are a part of before resources become so scare that the ecosystems fail and so expensive that our organisations fail. 

Sometimes the smallest of changes can have the biggest of impacts when they become day to day.
What did you do today?

Sustain often involves some of the following:

  • Understanding where you are headed
  • Taking a look at what you are doing
  • And how you are doing it
  • Learning a little about your team
  • Exploring your systems and processes
  • Understanding where the money comes from
  • Looking into where the money goes
  • Assessing ways to align with nature
  • Exploring actions to maximise positive impact
  • Discussing options for positive change
  • Reviewing fitness for the future
  • Developing simple actions plans
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Part of the way we at DOSE encourage life through our own sustain work is by contributing 1% for the planet and 1% for the people. We do this with an annual donation to the worldwide work of Greenpeace and to the citywide work of The Foxton Centre, Preston. All of life on our planet needs encouragement. Non-human and human. Global and local. We work on reducing, reusing and recycling and are always looking for ways to live and work in relationship with the world around us that encourages the whole rather than part.
DOSE cannot change the world. We wouldn’t want to. It is perfect as it is. We would change how we, as humans, together and individually, find ourselves living in it. No blame or judgement. We are all discovering each day as it happens. But we do have the ability to make choices within those days. About how we meet the world and the life that is in it. What effect that meeting has on us and others. If we are to strive for anything it might be to understand this and move through the days aiming to find balance and leave only richer life where we pass.