noun (θɔːt)


Who is selling what to pharmacy?

The big trade show in any sector is not necessarily the most reliable source of data to illuminate what is going on in that particular trade. They are often a cross between bun fight, popularity contest, shock and awe and that’s just attempting to get some healthy food at lunchtime. Read our analysis of changing exhibitor trends at the Pharmacy Show from 2019, through the pandemic, to 2021.

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Activity and action

There is a difference between activity and action though, which it’s useful to understand.

You can think of it like this. Activity is doing things. From day to day. Moment by moment. It maintains the status quo. More of the same. Faster, cheaper, better but the same. Action is changing things. From time to time. When it is needed. It alters the status quo. Something new. Different, more fitting, better and new.

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Customers don’t see functions

Customers don’t see functions. They have no idea which group of people within an organisation have done what when they come into contact with you. Finance? Nah. Marketing? Nope. Operations? Nada. They don’t exist from the most important perspective in any business, from the perspective of the customer. So why do these false divisions matter so much to those inside an organisation and is it helpful to think like that?

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