noun (θɔːt)


Step out of the darkness

I’ve written before about the importance of understanding your customer and the fact that a startling number of people run businesses and organisations without taking the time to do so. The reality is that humans in general often prefer to focus on the broadcasting side of communication rather than the listening side.

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Why should I?

In a recent article called ‘Decisions, Decisions’, I wrote about research that enlightens us about how humans make decisions and how influencing those processes are really what branding is all about. Powerful stuff. The research, not the writing. In this article I’d like to write about some more powerful stuff. Not how humans make decisions but why they behave the way they do to get what they want. More powerful stuff wouldn’t you say?

Let’s start with a question.

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Too much choice

Even some of the most enlightened and cool people I know talk about marketing as ‘getting the crayons out’ which, with the exception of one case, demonstrates that they don’t really get it.

Then there is the even more esoteric area of marketing known as branding, which brings a far away stare to the face of many a senior leader in pharmacy.

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Bias and all of its friends

I am sure that you will have a strong sense of familiarity with what I’m about to describe. Sorry about bringing it to mind as it’s uncomfortable for many.

You are watching / reading / hearing a news report that relates to medicines in some way and the report gets it horribly, childishly, infuriatingly wrong. Your heart sinks and your heckles rise. Why, oh why, can’t they get the details right?!

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