Transforming forms

Transformation is for people, not just organisations.

I spent the weekend in a forest recently.

Staying in a lodge with my family.

There was a lot of stillness.

And a lot of movement.

My brother in law showed me something.

A travel toothbrush.

That folded in on itself.

He was moved to show me.

Curious about the transformation.

Now, it was just a toothbrush.

But it got me thinking.

Transformation is a human fascination.

We like the unseen to be revealed.

The change of state from this to that.

Here to there.

Now to then.

Leaders spend time on transformation.

Transforming their organisations.

To keep pace with the world.

The outside world.

And in the process.

Because they are leaders.

And they’ve developed their socks off.

To become leaders.

They at times, forget themselves.

And they stop.

Their transformation ceases.

They can keep pace for a while.

With the outside world.

But their inner world suffers.

And as the months and years pass.

Their organisations suffer.

And their lives suffer.

They suffer.

Because to transform their organisations

They need to transform themselves.

Being a leader can be unforgiving. It looks exciting and glamorous but anyone who has walked that path knows there are hard times. One of the hardest parts is the loneliness that can be felt while on the path. Leaders are often out ahead and that can mean precious little company. Without company, without reference points, transforming yourself is much harder.

Who is walking the path with you?