Visual and verbal identity for a cutting edge commercial and documentary flimmaker

Project type: Visual and verbal identity

Client: Garth Dew is a commercial and documentary filmmaker from the UK

Dates: January and February 2018

Services provided: Naming, logotype, icon, colour palette, animation, strapline, copywriting.


‘Working on my rebrand with DOSE has been a great experience and I’m very happy with the end results. Gavin took the time to develop a deep understanding of me and my business and created a visual identity that allows my creative work to be the focal point and reflects my personality and vision for the future. Your visual identity is a vital part of how you are perceived by potential and existing customers and so I’d highly recommend working with Gavin at DOSE in this area’

Garth Dew, Owner, Filmmaker

Spending time in a co-working space is always interesting and often leads to unexpected advantages. On this occasion the advantage was meeting with an inspiring film maker. Garth combines a storytellers ear for a good old yarn with a directors eye for cinematography and the hands of a technician, using top quality equipment to create bespoke films and stills. We started talking about film in marketing and the end result was agreeing to work on a rebrand.

After overcoming the tricky first three years of trading Garth has honed his skills, convinced a loyal group of clients and was ready to refine his strategic direction. He needed a new visual and verbal identity to capture the new focus.

Following a very thorough brand survey and more than one long conversation about Garth’s goals we set about crafting a new visual identity that reflected the strategy, product and Garth himself. It was essential that the identity didn’t get in the way of the creative work that is Garth’s product so it had to be distinctive without shouting too loud. Not as easy as it sounds!

With Garth’s work being film and animation i.e. very visual, we chose to solve the brief with a typographic wordmark and icon to prevent any possible visual noise that an illustrated logotype and icon might produce.

We also wanted to develop an animated workmark to highlight the nature of the work Garth does. After much research, development and testing we developed a simple. strong, nononsense workmark (Bit like Garth) that collapses into the icon itself and can be animated just like this…

Workmark animation




Icon overlay

Icon overlay over video footage

Icon overlay and verbal branding over video footage

Capturing the brand graphically was a good challenge and capturing it verbally was equally good fun. Using and updating a well known phrase ‘Lights, Camera…’ immediately highlights the nature of Garth’s work while the adaptation ‘…Impact’, reflects the focus on sports and outdoors as well as the use of film as a marketing tool.

Finally, we worked to tailor the copywriting on Garth’s About page to bring what is actually a great brand story to life in full technicolour.

This was a really creative and inspiring project. Garth is now running with the new visual identity and we can’t wait to see how he uses it.

Visit the Garth Dew website to see some examples of great film making.

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