DOSE Design and Marketing Green Gate Homes Business Card

Visual identity for an innovative smart home company in Manchester

Project type: Visual identity design

Client: Green Gate Homes is a builder of innovative smart homes

Dates: Nov 2016 to Dec 2016

Services provided: Visual identity


I appointed DOSE Design and Marketing to create a strong visual identity for our new house building company. I found Gavin’s knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm to be a real breath of fresh air. The concepts put forward were different and thought provoking. I am delighted with the chosen theme – it integrates seamlessly through our whole business and will really make us stand out from the crowd. Highly recommended!

Glenn Rowson, Managing Director, Green Gate Homes

Following a successful project for The Strategic Land Group (SLG) we were contacted by their sister company, Bowsall Group, to assist in developing a visual identity for Green Gate Homes, their latest venture. Impressed with the impact of our work on the previous group project we were commissioned to develop a visual identity for the new company.

DOSE Design and Marketing Green Gate Homes Site Board

Following extensive discussion with the senior team and research in to the company’s competitors, DOSE developed a range of potential visual identities. The final selection was refined and communicates the company’s focus on contemporary, smart living.

A suite of corporate stationery was designed alongside a range of demonstration concepts to fully illustrate the potential of the new visual identity:

DOSE Design and Marketing Green Gate Homes Brand Guidelines

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