DOSE Design and Marketing Robotik Technology UK Mover Forward

Visual identity refresh and application for a ground breaking pharmacy automation solution provider based in Warrington

Project type: Visual identity, website, document, environment

Client: Robotik Technology UK is a pharmacy automation solution provider

Dates: August and September 2017

Services provided: Visual identity refresh, website design and development, business stationery, collateral design, exhibition stand graphics


‘We engaged DOSE Design and Marketing to improve our efforts at marketing and give a professional view of a core area of the business. This involved messaging strategy, leaflets, email / social media campaigns, website and support for the largest pharmacy exhibition in the country. We have been delighted in the rapid development of a comprehensive core message and the attention to detail that Gavin At DOSE has delivered. The quality of output and the ability to deliver to very tight timeframes demonstrates why we believe we have found the right partner. Gavin now feels very much part of what we do at Robotik Technology UK and is an extension to what we strive to do – Innovation and seamless delivery.’

Andy Beesley, Managing Director, Robotik Technology UK

Following the development of a digital marketing strategy and campaign planning we were commissioned to review and refresh the Robotik Technology UK visual and verbal identity. The refresh had to be based around the existing logotype for legal reasons which inspired us to be more creative with the colour palette and the graphical style of the logotype while developing a new visual system to create something unique and memorable.

We started by reviewing and building on the strategy work that we had completed and developed a number of key messages / phrases that captured the core concept behind the company’s work – automation supporting humans with medicine supply. Working hard to keep messaging tight and to the point we managed to position the company with the phrase – Move Forward With Pharmacy Automation. This captured what the team were trying to do and they were very pleased with the outcome. We then worked on describing the key benefits as succinctly as possible with – Speed, safety, accuracy, efficiency, profitability. Finally we focussed on the way that the team work and a simple way of explaining their approach – Human Insight, Robotik Efficiency, Business Growth.

DOSE Design and Marketing Robotik Technology UK Arrow System

DOSE Design and Marketing Robotik Technology UK Icons

DOSE Design and Marketing Robotik Technology UK Speed

Building on the verbal positioning we developed a visual system to communicate forward movement while relating this action to medicines and machinery. This flexible system is perfect for application to a huge range of platforms and channels making it work well in an omni-channel world. Adapting the typographic style of the existing logotype we combined the bold colour palette with sharp italics to drive home key messages. A photographic style reflecting the existing gradients and some bespoke iconography completed the refresh.


In preparation for a key annual trader show the team at Robotik technology UK set themselves some tough timescales for re-inventing themselves. We worked hard on their behalf applying the new visual identity to new business stationery, a set of leaflets highlighting their three product areas, display graphics for use on their trade show stand and a new website. Due to the tight timescales the decision was made to redesign and develop the website with core information prior to the trade show and then build on the new platform at a later date.

DOSE Design and Marketing Robotik Technology UK Stand

DOSE Design and Marketing Robotik Technology UK Home Page

Robotik Technology UK home page

DOSE Design and Marketing Robotik Technology UK Deomonstration Page

Robotik Technology UK book a demonstration page

The team were very pleased with the visual identity refresh and the subsequent results as you can see from their testimonial below. Robotik Technology UK are great clients to work with – ambitious, trusting, engaged and drive.

Visit the Robotik Technology UK website

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