DOSE Design and Marketing Strategic Land Group Website

Visual identity and website design for a leading land promotion company in Manchester

Project type: Visual identity design and  premium website design and development

Client: The Strategic Land Group is a specialist land promotion company

Dates: May 2016 to August 2016

Services provided: Visual identity, website design, image curation and processing, copywriting, website development, social integration.

After being contacted by the managing director of The Strategic Land Group we were briefed with developing a new visual identity for the company. The identity had to be suitable for use across a wide range of communication channels and help to position the brand in a competitive, niche market.

Following extensive discussion with the senior team and research in to the company’s competitors, DOSE provided advice on how to differentiate the brand and communicated that through both visual identity and verbal identity. The final identity focussed on the land itself utilised broad landscape images to communicate the strategic way in which the company view land and to engage customers visually.

The new identity was applied to a bespoke website which would act as the key digital presence for the company communicating core brand messages – expertise, professionalism and proven track record. Since launch the site has generated on average two new leads per month compared to the previous site which had never generated a lead.

A range of features were built into the site:

Visit The Strategic Land Group website


I was delighted with the service we received from Gavin at DOSE Design and Marketing. He took time to properly understand our business, our customers and what we were trying to achieve with our brand. In combination with his creative flair and marketing knowledge the result was a new visual identity for the business and a more customer focused website. I couldn’t be happier with the result. We get lots of compliments about the branding and presentational style, while the new website has already made a tangible difference to the number of online leads we generate. Gavin’s work has given us a real advantage over our competitors – it has been worth every penny.

Paul Smith, Managing Director, The Strategic Land Group

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