DOSE Design and Marketing Hourigan Connolly Website

Website design and development for a specialist chartered town planning consultancy in Manchester

Project type: Premium website design and development with ongoing support

Client: Hourigan Connolly is a specialist Chartered Town Planning consultancy operating across the UK providing high quality, commercially informed and value driven services

Dates: April to November 2017

Services provided: Website design, image curation and processing, copywriting, website development, e-mail marketing integration, social integration, training.

Our links with the land and property sector in Manchester continue to grow after we were contacted by a long established chartered town planning consultancy to help redesign and develop their website. The key objectives of the project included building a platform to act as the central digital presence of a new infrastructure enabling the company to reach out and engage it’s target market more effectively.

After a brand survey and a long discussion with the founders it was clear that this was a company who operated at the leading edge in their sector and that they wanted their new website to represent that ethos. An existing identity was applied and adapted to the site and the desire for a strong visual focus was clear from the start. Full browser window images of the city in which the company has it’s headquarters captures the eye immediately and provides a sector and company specific backdrop immediately.

Displaying the enviable, proven track record of successful projects as well as developing a new platform for the knowledgable team to share their viewpoint was an important goal.

A range of features were built into the site:

Visit the Hourigan Connolly website


Coming soon. They are busy people!

Daniel Connolly, Executive Director and Co-founder, Hourigan Connolly

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