What to do.

How do we choose what to do?

Asking good questions is a skill.

In fact it’s a wonderful skill.

Some might say better than having the answers.

Answers are a kind of ending.

They are full of finalities.

Questions are a kind of beginning.

They are full of possibilities.

So when a question turns up,

that seems a little too simple,

the kind we might usually dismiss,

because, of course, we think we know,

everyone obviously knows the answer,

I pay attention.

This is that kind of question.

Really, how do we choose what to do?

How do you choose what to do?

What is it that you are after?

What are you seeking?

What are you amassing?

What are you avoiding?

It’s the kind of question,

that after peeling enough layers,

leads you to some deep water.

Beautiful, cooling, bottomless water.

Is it money?

Do we do what we do because of money?

To an extent yes, everyone does.

Only money?

Not often.

More layers.

To signal who you are?

Usually. To be seen to be seen.

To provide and protect?

Those that you love.

Yes, them. That.

That which you love?

Err, yes, that too.

So how do you choose what to do?

Not just on an existential level.

On a pragmatic level.

The next thing you are going to do.

Why are you going to do it?

Why are you reading this?

Where does money sit in the constellation of causes?

What about signalling?

Where does providing sit?

Where does protection sit?

What about love?

The days arrive almost like clockwork except days were here before clocks. If we are lucky, we wake up. We rise. We do things. Quite often without thinking. Not much thinking. Not real thinking. We do whatever it is our minds occupy us with. Or we are directed to do, one way or another. Then our lives drift in directions and spin in spirals. Days pass, weeks, months, years and eventually decades. Then we notice that which is important to us has been missed. Not always, but often. We were busy doing that other thing. That seemed important. Asking simple questions and spending time with the enquiry can be helpful. To continually renew our answers. Todays answers.

How do you choose what to do?