Thank-you very much for helping at the Show. I really appreciate it!

The Pharmacy Show this year is expected to be a little smaller (100 fewer stands) and a little less busy (7,000 delegates vs 8,000) than 2019.

When you arrive you’ll need your event badge and covid pass. They are usually very helpful at the reception anyway and should be able to sort anything. I’ll make sure everyone has enough food and drinks etc.

Our objectives for DOSE are:

To maintain an awareness amongst the market (people and organisations operating in the pharmacy space).

To soft launch our new offer – Transformation partner – Creation, transformation, brand – Through Insight, Strategy, Brand and Design. By soft launch I mean we will see who visits us and that is fine.

To launch the What is a pharmacist? book.

To raise awareness of our thought leadership status through a talk entitled ‘Why brand is not optional’ and one about the future of pharmacy ‘What is a pharmacist?’

To do some market research while we are on the stand. See below.

Our brand identity – This is what we stand for – Essence in the centre – Core attributes around the edge – Then brand as a symbol, person, organisation and product.

Market research

Two of the panels on the walls of the stand are basically white boards and have space for delegates to write on in the wipable pens we have. Each panel has a question on it. Biggest challenges? and Future of pharmacy? These are the two questions that we will ask people who come to us to begin a conversation, capture their thoughts and it is a great way to start the sales process. Understand the biggest challenges people have – what we do is help people transform their organisations to solve their biggest challenges. People pay more for help solving big challenges rather than little ones. We will then collate the data we gather – top three challenges and top three futures – and use them during my talk in the keynote. Live market research. Can’t get more relevant than that.

So when a delegate approaches the stand here are some of the things they might say and answers we might give:

‘What do you do?’

‘We help pharmacy people transform their organisations, overcome their biggest challenges and build a successful future. What would you say are your biggest challenges?’

Then we invite them to write in small writing on the actual stand a couple of words. Then we ask them ‘What do you think the future of pharmacy is?’ Again get them to write on the other panel.

‘What is DOSE?’ ‘How can you help me?’

As above.

We can as a chat goes on drop in more detail about the kind of work we do based on the info on the new website.

Gathering leads

We are not trying to hard sell. In fact it wouldn’t be awful if we didn’t secure a new project from the show. That is not one of our objectives. I suspect we’ll get some decent leads and then we can decide what we do with them. Fundamentally the message is that we currently have a waiting list of 3 to 6 months. This creates what is a very real sense of scarcity which in some ways can lead to people being even more interested. It can of course lead to people losing interest too.

My black phone is set up as a lead capture, scanner, thingy device. So I’ll leave that on the stand with whoever is on it while I am away. If it fails (tech eh?) there will be a clipboard with some paper and some pens to write down peoples details and a few notes about what they are interested in.

I would like to have a list of people who are genuinely interested with a decent project at the end of the show. Then we can decide which, if any, to pursue.

We also have a snazzy, square business card with a QR code on it, which is our only hand out. No words. Jus t a QR code that takes you to the website.