noun (θɔːt)


Transforming forms

Transformation is for people, not just organisations. I spent the weekend in a forest recently. Staying in a lodge with my family. There was a lot of stillness. And a lot of movement. My brother in law showed me something.

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Better than work

There are better things than work. When you realise this it’s profound. Not just, ‘Oh yeah, better than work’. Genuinely realise it in the deepest part of you. That work is optional. We have options. You could test it. Stop working for a minute. See what happens.

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Big is beautiful

What are our biggest problems? The kind of big problems that are too big to see. Because they are everything at once. Maybe you can’t see them. How would you know if you can’t? Whatever they are, they are likely complex.

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Carrying on

Why do we continue when we realise something isn’t right? As entrepreneurs and leaders our lives are busy so our loves are complex. The way we love ourselves and others is often compromised. The way we experience life is often constrained. Intense and exciting but narrow. These are choices we make even if we don’t realise we are making them.

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Setting the fire

Share of voice is a marketing term. Share of voice measures the percentage of media spending by a company compared to the total media expenditure for the product, service, or category in the market. So, what? Well, here is the so what. It has been shown, by actual, evidence based research, that the larger the share of voice of any given company the larger its market share turns out to be. Now, let’s substitute a few words in our understanding of share of voice and see what that can tell us.

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