noun (θɔːt)


Course corrections

If we can’t course correct how could we help others do it? I work with some great people. Real stars. Leading lights. Who set the sky on fire. But none of us get everything right. We are all fallible. Despite that. These humans who are set alight. Do have a tendency. To absorb others.

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Worn out clothes

When something wears out do you replace it? In Summer 2019 I took a big step. I followed a life long passion. I went to climb some big hills. Not the biggest but big enough for me. The European Alps. Specifically Gran Paradiso. And then Mont Blanc. I was silly fit and daft strong. I like to prepare.

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Where do you live?

A simple question. Often asked. When first we meet. With new people.
Friends, colleagues, strangers. One of our favourites. Alongside ‘What do you do?’ But that’s another story. So, where do you live? There can be more to this.

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What to do.

How do we choose what to do? Asking good questions is a skill. In fact it’s a wonderful skill. Some might say better than having the answers. Answers are a kind of ending. They are full of finalities. Questions are a kind of beginning. They are full of possibilities.

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Direction first. Then progress.

I was speaking with a friend recently. A chat with no purpose. Other than sharing experiences. Exchanging stories. When one of the stories, turned to the future. What next came up. As it often does. It so often does. Is a humdinger of a question.

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